I Won’t Be Having One of Those

Sitting in my grandmother’s cramped Humbolt Park apartment, I remember being completely uncomfortable.  Sweating on the hot plastic sofa covers, nervously darting my eyes back and forth, hoping to escape the terrified scurries of what we liked to call “Grandma’s Pets” AKA roaches.  I hated visiting my father’s side of the family.  Not only was I trying to avoid the building’s resident insects, but grandma was old school; no juice with your food.  To a kid, that’s just nasty.  I needed something to wash down that spicy Latin food!

That Saturday, we were gathered to welcome my uncle to Chicago after living in Puerto Rico all his life.  I’d never met him, but “family” is extremely important to my father – it’s a Latino thing – so we all had to be there.

When he arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had gifts for the kids!  Awesome – what kid doesn’t want presents?!  Immediately I pictured a doll dressed in traditional folklore attire, or at the very least, some flip-flops!

When he opened his luggage and pulled out the bag, I almost couldn’t contain my excitement.  He reached in and pulled out what looked like a bunch of little green balls growing on a stick.

Um, eww, that is NOT a present – it was more like a weed.

“Mandy, why the ugly face?” asked my dad.

“What is it?”

“They’re called quenepas.  It’s fruit – taste it.”

Yeah right, that is not fruit. Fruits are bananas, apples, and pears.  That wasn’t finding its way in my mouth.  But with the entire family now looking on, it appeared I didn’t have a choice.

The quenepa (pronounced kee-neh-pah) is a small green ball, about the size of a quarter.  The traditional way to eat them is to put the entire ball in your mouth, crack the thin shell, and chew the pulp off the seed.

My first taste was simply divine.  The gelatinous, fleshy pulp was juicy and mildly sweet.  It tasted like nothing I’ve known before and on that hot, summer day I was converted.  Now I anxiously await for family to visit – and bring me some quenepas!


This is my very first post for The Red Dress Club’s RemembeRED memoir series.  This week’s prompt was to write about your favorite fruit or vegetable.
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  2. I’m a newbie to TRDC too, welcome!

    And I’ve never even *heard* of a quenepa! It doesn’t look delicious, but I’d be willing to try it if the opportunity ever arises, thanks to your post!

  3. My reaction would have been the same, but not sure I could have mustered the courage to try!

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  5. I have a few kids, hesitant to try new foods, who might benefit from this read.

    Sounds yummy… I’m guessing I won’t find them at the local stop and shop, though, huh?

  6. It’s funny how we don’t want to try and then we do we are so glad! I’ve been there! I’ve never heard of this fruit. Makes me want to travel just to try new ones. :)

  7. This just proves we cannot judge a book by its cover. There are really great tasting fruits out there. Many of them don’t look very good either!

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  9. I’ve never tasted one but certainly would like to after your experience! Good job!

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    I have never heard of this fruit.. I have a difficult time eating strange looking things.. jello – can’t even look at it!
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  14. Me either.

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  16. I’ve seen those before, but I’ve never tried them. The inside looks kind of like an egg yolk.

    Thanks for this story! It was fun to read. And now I really want to try these.

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  21. Great post! I love the term Grandma’s pets! haha! Welcome to TRDC!

  22. Mmm- I love this post! I learned so much about you, your story and quenepa! Well done!

  23. Great job on the prompt! I’ve heard of this fruit, yet never tried it. Fun reading all the different prompts and learning new things about different fruits & veggies. I will put this one on my list.

  24. Hi there,
    Yep, I coulda told you… they are delicioso! I love them.
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