What to Do? What to Do?

I’m sitting at home and it’s **gasp** QUIET!  Kinda hard to believe with a full house, but it really is!  Baby B is sleeping, Miss-Y is at a sleepover and Hubs is on a “man-date”.  He wanted to go see that LA Battle or Battle of LA or LA2013 or something like that.  You know, the one where the numbers turn into letters…I think.  I had ZERO interest.

Hubs is a die-hard sci-fi guy, and I’m…not.  All that alien and fantasy stuff is so unrealistic to me and I literally fall asleep every time he tries to get me to watch.  (Although if you ask him, the romantic comedies I like to watch are completely unrealistic to him – and I’ll admit, the chances of a hot, wealthy businessman/politician/etc. falling for a common worker bee a la Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan are probably slim to none but, whatever, I still like to watch.)

He was surprised to find out that I had never watched some of his fave sci-fi flicks: Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings.  I’ve have seen exactly NONE of them.  But really, surprised?  I mean, come on!  Flying saucers, aliens, and robots just do nothing for me.  So, he’s on his man-date.  Thank goodness my BFF’s hubby is into those movies too…wouldn’t want him sitting in the theater all by his lonesome…

So – alone I sit.  Alone to do my blog stalking uninterrupted.  Alone to write.  Alone to…

Damn, baby just woke up.

So much for my “alone” time.  Didn’t really think that was gonna last, did ya?

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  1. Hi! I love new followers and the blog hop :) Thanks for stopping by – LOVE your blog.. plan on sticking around he he.


  2. Hubs is like that too. Die hard sci-fi aliens and zombies and the like. No thanks :) I’ll take my computer over that anyday :)

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  3. alone time doesnt happen often! Enjoy it while you can!

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  4. Ahh quiet! Mine are actually napping at the same time, so I got a hot meal-go me!

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  5. Ahh, it never last, and never happens frequently enough. Thanks for the comment! I’m following back!!

  6. LOL!! I need my hubby to have a man-date. Im soo not into those kind of movies either. Well thanks for stopping by and I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  7. Super Moms Unite!

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  15. I’m a new follower and a new blogger, came across your blog via the blog hop.
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  16. Mickey Coutts says:

    LOL, I’m franticlly typing and responding to comments while my baby boy is napping!

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  18. Hi! I’m a new follower, found you on my blog hop, your quiet time story is too cute! (And I can’t make it through the Titanic without tissue either- why do we do that to ourselves???)lol

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  19. LOL!!!…it NEVER lasts long…just like a cup of coffee will never be consumed while hot…I love ur blog!!!…thanks for connecting..I’m following you back : )

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  21. Hi following you from Wednesday is
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    sci-fi stuff too. I only like it a lil
    bit, depends on what it is.

  22. LOL Sci-Fi isnt my thing either, I have tried I just cant do it!! Funny post!!! Im enjoying a little quite time myself right now!!! Lets see how long this lasts!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Im excited to follow you!

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  25. Hi! You sound like me. My hubs and kids will refer to a movie that’s now “classic” (at least in my house… like Lord of the Rings or Iron Man) and I’m all like… I never saw it. They are stunned that I’ve only ever seen parts of the first Matrix and none of the others and we own them. (Can you tell all my kids are boys?)

    My hubs is away on a work-related trip for a few days and I’m kinda enjoying the quietness. I have kids that need to be shuttled around but otherwise, I’m getting to do what I want to do. I’m saving tonight for catching up on my blog.

  26. returning the follow!

  27. Thanks for the giggle! I’m so glad my littlest is out of that stage, but I remember it ‘fondly’! (and secretly miss it, but don’t say that out loud!)

  28. Well, it was a nice dream while it lasted, right? 😉

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  30. doreen mcgettigan says:

    I am getting all of my blogging in tonight. Most nights are quiet here but weekends usually involve grand kids. Tomorrow we will have 2 boys. They are so cute and always want to help Pop-Pop work. These 2 are 7 and 8 so they may require the occasional computer assistance or food fill up other than that…good age.
    I am a new visitor and follower that just stumbled on over.

  31. Oh, those alone moments are so rare. Thanks for linking up on Friendsday. I’m following you now.

  32. LOL so funny! Silence is golden. I have a sleeping baby and hubby wasn’t feeling well so he went to sleep ealy too. I’ve never enjoyed the quiet as I do now. Thanks for following Mommy Time Out