For the Love of Blogs! 4/29/12

I happened to read this post while browsing through Twitter…it’s a few weeks old, but I’m sure glad I read it.  While we all strive to be the (impossible) perfect mom, April from Power of Moms reminds us that it’s not all the 1,000’s if to-do’s we have on our list that matter to our kids, it’s just us.  Powerful stuff.


Angie over at Seven Clown Circus wrote a cute post titled “5 Things I Love About My Firstborn”.  Love it!  Not only did I really like her list, but she gave me a great idea for a future post.  You’ll see this one from me soon.  Thanks, Angie!


This one goes out to my best friend who just turned 40 this week.  Jenny from the Blog wrote a post called: 40 Things Every Woman/Mom Should Have and Should Know by 40.  Alright girl, how many can YOU relate to? LOL


This week’s giveaway comes from A Nut in a Nutshell where she’s giving away a really great McCormick Spice Spring Baking Kit.  I especially love this prize because it would really help me out with all the new cooking I’ve been doing lately.  Don’t forget to enter…contest ends 5/6.

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