PINspired: Kitchen Wall Art

I’ve done it again…I’ve added another Pinterest-inspired craft under my belt.  This time in the form of a project.  And for me, this was a PROJECT!  The post title should be something more like “DIY Project: What NOT to Do.”  I made so many mistakes on this one that I’m surprised it actually made it to my kitchen wall.  And yes, folks, it DID make it to the wall.  Of course it didn’t turn out exactly as I would have hoped, but, hey – I did it.  I made something semi-pretty and I am proud of that.

What am I talking about here, you may wonder?  A supposedly-simple art project to hang in my kitchen, that’s what.  I found this beautiful picture online and, of course, promptly added it to my Pinterest board.  I probably should have taken a picture of what was actually hanging on my wall before, but nah – too ugly to even bring up here.  I really needed something more…interesting.

Here’s a pic of my original Pinterest inspiration:

Photo Credit:

Looks easy enough, right?  (And please no comments on how your 6-year-old made a similar project.  My ego is bruised enough after all the mishaps on this one.)

A great tutorial resides on the original inspiration site (GO HERE), so you’d probably want to use that one to get you through this one.  BUT – if you’re artistically-challenged like me – be sure to follow my rules on what NOT to do.

First, you’ll start off with a few supplies.

Hmm…already noticed that I’m missing some? LOL  Here’s what you need:

(3) Photo Frames – I picked up mine at various Dollar Stores.  I think I paid $4 for the large frame and $2 each for the smaller ones.
(9) Assorted Silverware – I paid $1 each for 3 packs of 12 at Family Dollar.
Fabric – I chose 2 complimentary fabrics, probably paid – at most – $4 at Hobby Lobby
Spray Paint – to color both your picture frames and silverware.  I was an idiot and bought my first one at Hobby Lobby where they are around $7 for a large can, then found large cans at Menards on sale for $2.99.  Grr!
The Spray Tacky you see pictured is NOT needed.  I didn’t return it to the store, however, because I figured I would need it one day. :)
You WILL need – Paint Primer.  Boy did I learn this the hard way.  Trying to spray paint black lacquered picture frames with yellow spray paint will NOT work.  I repeat – will NOT WORK!  I ended up buying (and using) a small can of paint primer BEFORE I realized that they sell primer in a spray paint variety.  Again, GRRRR!  That would have saved SOOOOO much time!
 Batting – This one is not necessary but I used quilter’s batting under my fabric to give the project a little more depth – and I think it looks a lot nicer than if I wouldn’t have used it.
Glue Gun – I used a glue gun (instead of the Spray Tacky) for both adhering the fabric to the back of the frames and for gluing the silverware to the fabric.

Next I painted the silverware and picture frames.

Perfect expample of what NOT to do. Use primer FIRST!

FIRST coating them with primer (about 2-3 coats should do it, then spray painting everything the color you want it to be.  I had to do this TWICE as I learned that a bright yellow frame would NOT look good in my kitchen.  I tried to make a kitchy-looking project but, my home just isn’t that “kitchy”.

Here's a pic of the finished project in YELLOW - yeah, it's a bit bright!

After that, you first adhere the batting to the frame backing using a glue gun and then adhere the fabric to the batting.

Once that’s done, use your glue gun (I set mine to “High” heat)to glue the silverware to the fabric.  To set them as evenly as possible, I used a ruler – sitting on top of the frame – and glued them in a straight line.  (Hope this makes sense since I didn’t take a picture of the process.)

After that, it’s just a matter of adding the backs onto the frame and hanging them up.  Here’s my finished project.

Ssshhh…don’t look too hard because I’m sure you’ll notice all the bumps and imperfections caused by using WAY TOO MANY layers of paint!)

But, you know what – I’M happy with it.  And it really does look great on my wall – just as long as you don’t squint to look. :)

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  1. This turned out great and I love the yellow! Thanks for sharing with us this week!

    Take care,

  2. I SO wish I had kitchen wall space. I saw this on pinterest as well and wanted to make it, but sadly have no where to put it. PLEASE come share it with my readers. I know they would love it!

    • It should’ve been an easy project…but with me, nothing is ever as easy as it should be! LOL It really looks great on the wall though and I get compliments on it everytime someone comes over.