Building Family Relationships #LaFamiliaDeHoy

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What does it mean to be “La Familia de Hoy” (today’s family)?

I can tell you that, for me, today’s modern family is one that is unified and continues to build cross-generational relationships.  As many of you know, my family is just about as diverse as it gets.  In my immediate household, my husband and I share our home with our kids (a teenager and a toddler) and my mother.  And I’m not gonna lie – some days can be difficult.  When you have a hormonal teenager that is completely annoyed with a young, playful toddler and parents that are just trying to maintain the peace – the concept of “unity” isn’t always apparent.  But, day in and day out, the most important thing to remember is the love.  Because, at the end of the day, that is what is going to hold any family together and will continue to foster better relationships.

Johnson & Johnson and Univision have recently launched a campaign to find an authentic, modern and active family to become “La Familia de Hoy.”  Voting is now live at and you can vote for your favorite familia to help them become the spokesfamily for Johnson & Johnson in 2014.

My favorite family?  The Jimenez Family.

Jimenez Family Picture

The Jimenez family, a predominant Mexican family living in the L.A. area, gets my vote for La Familia de Hoy because of their multigenerational unity – much like my family!  The Jimenez family is composed of three families whose houses are connected by their backyards – grandparents too!  I love how they incorporate the whole “it takes a village” concept in raising their children.  I think it’s very important to involve all members in the family with raising children – and what better way to do that than to live close by?!?!

Which family do you think deserves to be La Familia de Hoy?

Cast your vote here:

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  1. Juan J. Jimenez says:

    Thank you for voting for us, I really appreciate your support and really connected to your write up about us. The fact that we live right next door to each other is an experience that could not be replicated. Our kids are growing up with their cousins and it REALLY brings the family together. One thing you might not know, the sister-in-laws get along great too…in fact, they occasionally sneak out at night while my brothers and I watch the kids and compare notes about my mom, “The Mother-in-law”…. its quite entertaining. Please keep voting for us at …. my best to you and your familia, Juan J. Jimenez

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