Day After Christmas: Holiday Reflections

Christmas came and went in a flash, didn’t it?  This year, Christmas was spent at my home filled with family and love.  Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  My parents (divorced) were both here and I felt especially blessed because that isn’t likely to happen again any time soon.  There was lots of laughter, fantastic food (if I do say so myself), and zero drama.  Absolute perfection.

Toddler Christmas Tree

I had planned to spend the next day at home, in jammies, just watching the kids play around with all their new gifts.

Toddler Christmas Presents

My son had toys galore to keep him occupied all day.

Teen Motavator Shirt - Bethany Mota

And my daughter was most excited about the clothes, especially a new top by YouTube teen sensation, Bethany Mota.

Australian Shepherd Holiday Rawhide

Even the dogs had reason to celebrate as our new puppy, Ty, demonstrates with his giant candy cane rawhide.  (I still think he’s such a cutie…despite all the pee stains on my carpet.)

With all the excitement yesterday, I totally expected today to be a chill day.  But, the need for a few items from Sam’s Club and the Kohl’s Cash I earned while Christmas shopping burning a hole in my pocket, made it impossible to stay home.  We headed out late in the evening, though, so at least I got to spend the entire day in jammies.

A few observations I made while we were out:


Shops waste no time on getting over Christmas.  This patio set was already out at Sam’s Club today.  Um, the Chicago area won’t be ready to hang out on our decks and patios for at least  another 4-5 months.


It is a great time, however, to stock up on all your Christmas and holiday supplies for next year.  Mostly all wrapping paper and decorative items were 50% off, and even the food items are marked down nicely.

Kohl's Deals Collage

Here’s a tip, though:  If you are looking for those great deals, it’s best to get to the stores early.  Wait too long and the items you were looking for will likely be gone.  Lots of shelves were bare and many were almost there.

Thankfully there weren’t any “must-have” items on my list, I was just out to browse.  But I definitely know that if I really need something badly enough next year, I’ll be out the door bright and early.

Hopefully you got to spend the day exactly  the way you wanted to.


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