Fitness Friday: Back on Track {Week 4}

This whole eating right/working out thing is HARD.  Don’t let anyone tell you any different.  I’ve been at this now for four whole weeks, and it still doesn’t come natural to me yet.  I started this Clean Eating and workout regimen with the hopes of making it a lifestyle change, and not just an “I want to lose a quick 10 pounds” kind of diet.  That is still a goal I want to reach, of course, but I thought that by now it’d be a little bit easier.  It’s not.

Motivation Week 4

Each time I reach for a snack or try to figure out what to eat is a conscious choice, and not one I make easily.  I still crave sweets, chips, and plenty of other things that aren’t good for me, and it hurts a little bit each time I turn them down.  I allow myself a treat every once in a while, but I know myself, and all those little “once in a while” treats start becoming more frequent.  But I know my goal – and I really want to put in the work to get there.  Slowly but surely, I will.

Here are this week’s stats.  I’m glad I lost a little this week – hey, any loss is better than a gain – but probably should up the workouts.

Starting weight:  171.5
Week 1 Weight:  168.0
Week 2 Weight:  166.7
Week 3 Weight:  168.2

Week 4 Weight: 165.8
Total lost so far:  5.7 pounds

What I did:  This week I tried to stay on track with my eating habits.  I did have a chocolate/marshmallow milkshake that I shared with my son, but I wasn’t about to turn down a yummy shake on a lunch date.  I wish I photographed more of my meals this week, but I must’ve been so hungry that I forgot.

Fitness Friday Week 4

For workouts this week, I started off the week slow and didn’t work out at all, but then spent 3 days in a row doing Zumba for over an hour on my Xbox.  I have a Zumba class punch card that I hope to use for the first time in months (probably a year) this week.

Challenges: My challenges this week were all in my head.  Every time I laid down on the couch to watch a show I would tell myself that I would workout after.  That rarely actually happened.  I need to be better about making the time to workout before I sit down for the night.

Do you have any fitness or motivation tips to share this week?  I need all the help I can get!

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  1. I’m impressed that you’ve been able to keep sticking to making good food choices, as that’s always hardest (at least for me). I’m the same as you, too, in that I must work out before I sit for the night or it’s probably not going to happen. Stick with it, you’re doing great!!

  2. You’re doing great with your weight loss progress. I have been trying to lose the last 10lbs of my baby weight. I really need to start eating healthier though if I want it to happen.
    Amanda Love recently posted..Happy National Crayon Day!My Profile

  3. Getting refocused is a good thing. You can do it!
    Amber Nelson recently posted..FUN SPRING ACCESSORIES: Check Out The Stella and Dot Best SellersMy Profile

  4. keep surrounding yourself with motivation and support. if working out were easy everyone would be doing it
    Melinda recently posted..Prime Time to get Shop Your Way Free ShippingMy Profile

  5. Just keep at it! I know I started a Fitness Fridays and let it go by the wayside. I need to get some weight off and start it back up! Ugh.
    Dina recently posted..Comment on Easter Fudge Brownies Recipe #recipe by Amanda H.My Profile

  6. Great loss!!! Way to get back to it! Do the same again this week! You got this!
    Ashley Gill recently posted..Hapari Swimwear GiveawayMy Profile

  7. You’re off to a great start! Good for you! Drinking a minimum of 9 cups of water a day will help. I’m a Beachbody coach and certified personal trainer. I help people lose weight and get fit. No gym necessary. I have a private FB support group you are welcome to join and I’d be happy to help you. You can find me on FB as Rachael Ebner.

  8. I’ve been trying to lose weight for more than a year now, and with getting sick so much it seems impossible since my meds make me eat so much.

  9. I think it’s great you shared a chocolate marshmallow milkshake with your son. It’s good to enjoy a treat. To help get the workout in maybe try doing it earlier in the day. Hope that helps.

  10. I agree the eating right and working out thing is hard. You are doing a great job!

  11. Seriously you’re doing very good job! I’m going to share this with my cousin, she’s having a rough time and feels so bad with every single craving or temptation. I think you would be an encouragement for her!
    Mina Slater recently posted..Rent The Runway – Designer Style Made Easy & Affordable! #FashionMy Profile

  12. Yes it sure is but good for you for sticking with it. If you are interested our newsletter freebie is all on dieting, tips from my own experiences. It’s free so couldn’t hurt to get a copy … who knows, there might be something in it that would be helpful :) Best wishes to you as you continue this journey!!
    The Chef’s Wife | Anne @TheSatEvePot recently posted..Picky Eaters? Try this: Chicken & Broccoli Pot Pie with Black Pepper & Sage Biscuit ToppingMy Profile

  13. Wow what an amazing loss for you – if your thinking you didn’t do so good think of your loss in pounds of butter – that always makes me feel more positive :) x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted..Oscars 2014 Inspiration for Casino FashionMy Profile

  14. Hey, you’re doing a good job! My struggle is all in my head too. Also that I have a lot of energy at night but I can’t work out.

  15. I’m impressed you keep at it! It’s not easy at all

  16. You made progress and that is what is important. I know how hard it is to get motivated to exercise after working all day. I use to walk the track next to the school I worked at. It was really easy to take my workout clothes and change and go directly there instead of going home first and never making it back.
    Pam recently posted..Breakfast Lasagna Makes It Easy!My Profile

  17. You are SO RIGHT about eating right and working out being hard! I do pretty well with the eating right thing. The trick is to follow a really strict diet all week (healthy, low fat, low carb, non-processed foods) and then allow yourself a weekly splurge. It helps me say no to the comfort foods and sweets during the week if I know that I can eat it on Saturday! Now, the working out…I have yet to master that. I hate exercising!
    Jennifer @TheRebelChick recently posted..20 Quick and Easy Sunday Dinner Recipe IdeasMy Profile

  18. A yummy treat every now and then is perfectly acceptable. And a lunch date with your son is the best date there is.
    valmg @ Mom Knows It All recently posted..Miscellaneous MentionablesMy Profile

  19. Congrats on keeping at it! It’s so hard to make living “clean” a lifestyle. Keep in mind that what you are doing now will have lasting effects on your little ones! They love to see mommy making good choices :)
    Marni | Love and Duck Fat recently posted..Chocolate Espresso Crinkle Cookie RecipeMy Profile

  20. I couldn’t agree with you more; it is so very hard. I’ve been struggling to be “on track” for awhile and I’m still not there, yet. You’ve done great though! The ability to turn down things you know aren’t good for you and your weight loss is proof of the hard work you’re doing and your success. Keep it up!
    Katy Rawson recently posted..Talk. Read. Sing. Build a Foundation for Learning.My Profile

  21. Yep you said it….I’ve got to stop “wishing” I could be a runner and just start walking more !! Thanks for the reminder.

  22. Thanks for the reminder. We leave for Disney in 10 days and I have been treating to change my eating habits for 2 weeks and have not yet succeeded. I must start over!
    Mitch recently posted..Electrolux Surprised Me When I Challenged Their Vacuums!My Profile

  23. Congrats on your success so far! I’m doing gluten and dairy free and it’s so hard to snack. So I find myself not eating anything, which is bad because my metabolism is sure to slow down.
    Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? recently posted..One of my go-to baby gifts | The Miracle Blanket (and Giveaway)My Profile

  24. A great bunch of meal ideas! It isnt easy to keep on track and you are doing well.
    Tess recently posted..Fill your closet with SammydressMy Profile

  25. I started back up yesterday focusing on me. Feels good to get back to eating right and exercising. I really think planning is the key and staying focused. I know for me I have to stay focused or I fall back into old bad habits fast. Good Luck and congrats on your weight loss!

  26. My tip is to just think of it as becoming more healthy, rather than losing weight. That way you focus on becoming more healthy and don’t get as down if you don’t lose weight as fast.
    lawna recently posted..A “Moustastic” Etsy Event – AZCustomCreations GiveawayMy Profile

  27. I run 5 days a week and today I did not want to run. I decided to do it earlier than normal to get it over with. I felt so much better after I ran I am glad I went ahead and did it. I am also working to prepare more snacks and things I need for healthy meals ahead. I get picked on for making so much on Sundays but I get so busy during the week that making my favorite oatmeal pancakes is not possible and I end up eating chocolate chip waffles with my youngest.
    Jennifer Williams recently posted..Ft. Sherman Playground – Coeur D’Alene IdahoMy Profile

  28. I work out first thing in the morning before I do ANYTHING else. That keeps me from mindless snacking (no way I’m munching after all that hard work) and ensures I get the workout in.
    Rosey recently posted..Kindle Books Costing more than Hard Copies?My Profile

  29. I like to portion my meals the right way. It’s so easy to over eat if the portions are off.
    Tiffany (Fabulous Mom Blog) recently posted..Muppets Most Wanted songwriter Bret McKenzieMy Profile

  30. Look at you go girl you’re doing great. Is Zumba for the xbox a good workout i want to get it for my wii but wasn’t sure if it was worth it.
    becca recently posted..Saturday Roundup 3-29-14My Profile

  31. Yes! I am a Team Beachbody coach. I help people meet their health and fitness goals and I find that following a program and checking in with a challenge group every day helps you stay on track. Beachbody programs come with everything you need, meal replacement (Shakeology), nutrition guide, a variety of workouts and workout calendars. The rounds range from 21 days (21 Day Fix) all the way to 90 day challenges based on your goals. Find me on and connect with me if you want more information and support.

  32. Eating healthy is definitely not easy. I spend a lot of my time regretting some of my food choices! You are doing great.
    Pam recently posted..Delivery Man Movie–Questions and Answers from Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt and Cobie SmuldersMy Profile

  33. Sorry hun, I have barely enough fitness tips in my arsenal to leave my house, haha.
    Isabella Grey recently posted..Celebrating my Last Semester with the Uni Vox BoxMy Profile

  34. I think tape measures are more reliable than the scale. It’s definitely hard to change your habits – you’re doing much better than I am!
    Triplezmom recently posted..Jekyll Island With KidsMy Profile

  35. Working out and eating right is hard! I lost over 100 pounds and feel amazing; the best idea though it get rid of all white flower. Yes, even white rice; they have bad carbs that are not good for you.

  36. I am just starting my weight loss journey after a long spell of being unable to do anything. I’ve turned to mush and I’m not liking it. Luckily, I feel pretty motivated but I’ve not yet designated any set time for working out. I do it all throughout the day because that’s what works for me with my work and home life schedules. Hopefully I’ll be able to report some fair loss numbers soon myself.
    American Punjaban PI recently posted..RemovedMy Profile

  37. I used to face the same struggle when it came to working out. I always said “oh I will workout after this..” Yeah that never happened! I think that is why I am having such a hard time getting back into it. I always feel like there are so many other things that have to be done!
    Jessica recently posted..Influenster #UniVoxBoxMy Profile

  38. I just need to stop eating for like a minute over here lol! I workout a lot, but because I have been eating so much, the scale is not moving.
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted..My First Grader’s Habitat HappeningMy Profile

  39. The meals you’ve been eating look delicious! I totally agree that it is NOT easy and I am the worst when it comes to willpower. I think you are doing great.
    Chelsea recently posted..dress like a pop divaMy Profile