Fitness Friday: Cheating Always Leads to No Good {Week 3}

Ugh…after such great momentum in weeks 1 and 2, I’m sad to say that week three’s cravings got the best of me.  I found myself unmotivated, bored, and hungry, and it shows in my Fitness Friday: Week 3 results.  Normally, right about now is when I would throw in the towel and forget the whole exercise and healthy eating thing.  I get discouraged easily and – after just one week of negative results – I’d quit.  I’m such a lazy quitter.

Not this time though.  The gain this week is only motivating me more to continue my workouts and to get back on track with eating well.  I’ve put in the work before, and I know this method works.  Eating less/eating better + moving more = weight loss.  Unfortunately I lost sight of that this week and decided that it was ok to indulge – multiple times.  Of course a treat day is totally ok sometimes, but probably not multiple times in a week. Sad smile Here are my stats for this week:

Starting weight:  171.5
Week 1 Weight:  168.0
Week 2 Weight:  166.7
Week 3 Weight:  168.2
Total lost so far:  3.3 pounds

What I did:  Well, the week started out with my daughter’s 15th birthday.  We had a small get-together at the house and ordered chicken wings from Buffalo Wild Wings (her favorite) and pizza.  Unfortunately, I had both plus soda and chocolate cake from Portillo’s.  (Anyone from the Chicago area will tell you that it is impossible to pass up some Portillo’s cake.  So, already starting off on a bad note, the rest of the week continued with much of the same.  I skipped way too many workouts and even ate Chinese takeout last night.  (In related news:  We spend way too much eating out.)  I also neglected to login to My Fitness Pal all week.

Clean Eating Week 3

On a positive note, I did manage a run outside and did about an hour of Zumba.  I really have to focus on keeping my eye on the prize next week.  It probably doesn’t help that I had a Starbuck’s Grande Mocha this morning.  Ugh!  But starting this very minute, I am back on track.  I hope to see a loss next week.

Challenges:  A birthday celebration and a general laziness took over this week and it was hard for me to stick to my plan.  It could’ve been a whole lot worse though.  With my weight gain this week, I really hope I’ve learned my lesson and will post a nice loss next week.


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  1. I’ve been there before and the key is to stay motivated. We all have bad weeks when trying to change our eating habits, so don’t beat yourself up over cheating a bit.

  2. Oh how I feel your pain.. I’ve done SO well for 3 weeks and last week was a nightmare. I was sick, so I caved to my cravings and did zero workouts! Here’s to a better week this week!!
    Bobbie recently posted..The Price Is Right Baby Shower Special & Ju-Ju-Be GiveawayMy Profile

  3. don’t be too hard on yourself. You are working hard and a little cheating here and there is far better than just giving up. and you got in a run and zumba! Now I need to know how you like zumba. I so want to try it, but am afraid I will make a total fool of myself (not that I should really care if I look like a klutz).
    Keep up the hard work!
    Katie recently posted..Free Menu Plan Printable & Menu Plan MondayMy Profile

  4. I so know how you feel. I stopped doing fitness fridays because of gaining. I need to get back to it to keep myself accountable.
    Dina recently posted..Comment on Divergent Review: A brand new fan! by Cassie @ Southeast by MidwestMy Profile

  5. I think it’s okay to have moments where you fall off and gain a little weight. However, I think the important part is that you get back up and go back to your diet and exercise regimen :)
    Cassie @ Southeast by Midwest recently posted..Revlon Scented Polish in Wintermint Swatches & PhotosMy Profile

  6. I love your attitude, that you’re not letting it bring you down! You got this, girl!
    Terin Garrett recently posted..What’s In My Bag?My Profile

  7. Good for you for staying motivated. Wishing you continued good luck in meeting your health and fitness goals!
    Rosey recently posted..Twigtale Personalized Stories, Personalized Growth (with book giveaway)My Profile

  8. Ashley M says:

    I find that if I take a cheat day too soon in my new workout regimen i end up on a slippery slope.

  9. It’s so hard to lose weight when you have to feed a toddler …or for that matter kids. We snack when they snack…darnit. I’ve gained 10 lbs so far raising Brody!

  10. hey!! give yourself a break!! just hop back on the wagon when you wake up tomorrow

  11. Good for you for recognized where you got off track and immediately getting back on track. One bad day or week doesn’t ruin anything….just get back on track and keep going!
    April Mims recently posted..Teriyaki Pork ChopsMy Profile

  12. Great job with accepting the failure but deciding to change it. That’s the best way to get going again. You can do it.
    Ashley Gill recently posted..Ozeri Extravo Wine Opener ReviewMy Profile

  13. Losing weight is such a struggle. Keep going…I see your numbers as a positive – you are less now than you were. I have been trying to think down for over a year…I go up and down but I am still much lighter than I was when I started!

  14. You are doing great! You are holding yourself accountable and working towards a healthier you. I am dieting myself, and I know how hard it can be!
    Arica recently posted..10 Things Normal to a NYC KidMy Profile

  15. It is interesting to watch your weight loss ups and downs, pardon the pun. It is good for people to see the struggle and successes in real life, from a real person.
    JANEANE daVIS recently posted..Better Blogging and Better Business #032214My Profile

  16. Dieting is always a challenge for me. I will be on a roll, then splurge on something and then get unmotivated if I gain weight. I do want to start eating healthier this year.
    Stefani recently posted..Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini ReviewMy Profile

  17. I am sorry that you had such a rough week. Keep at it and you’ll be better next week! Hugs!
    Tiffany recently posted..Peter Som for Kohl’s~ Fashion Inspired by St. Barth’s #PeterSomForKohls #sponsored #MCMy Profile

  18. I’m not a good dieter because I’m a cheater. I have to eat what I like and just workout twice as hard. Which I don’t do either…motivation…..where is my motivation?
    Lisa recently posted..Earth to Echo Trailer: Hits Theaters in July #EarthToEchoMy Profile

  19. You’re brave for acknowledging your weaknesses! Good luck with the weight loss. ​
    Krystal recently posted..Mint Mojito Party InspirationMy Profile

  20. I think that the quote is very true! I could not personally do it! But ehh it works right!?

  21. I’ve noticed that any time I don’t log into MyFitnessPal, I do worse than when I do. Being accountable is so important to me because when I don’t log in, I tend to grab “a little bite of this” and “just one cracker” or whatever. It’s a new week without a birthday party to start it off so I’m sure you’ll do great!
    Nicole Brady recently posted..Tips from the Good Hair GuideMy Profile

  22. Events always get me! My husband and I always have a splurge day meal so we don’t feel deprived.

  23. I think it is wonderful that you are reflecting on your weekly fitness goals. You will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
    Tough Cookie Mommy recently posted..Clean And Soft Hands For Your Entire Family! @Dial #PurexInsiders #Giveaway #AdMy Profile

  24. Sorry you fell off track, it’s not easy I can tell you. I have been trying for weeks and I know what you mean, my downfall was a business lunch; when this awesome chocolate lava cake was served, I was toast. Hopefully we both get back on track soon enough.

  25. Sweets can always get the best of us but at least you recognize your weakness and wont quit. Just keep pushing forward and next week WILL be better. Good luck!
    Jennifer recently posted..Creativity in the Kitchen Leads to a Lay’s Potato Chip Flavor! #DoUsAFlavor #sponsored #MCMy Profile

  26. I hear you, I’ve been struggling with motivation too. You have a great attitude, though, eyes on the prize. I may have to try eating in front of a mirror naked, that might help too LOL!
    Demetra recently posted..How to Brunch + Blueberry Scone #RecipeMy Profile

  27. We all have set backs, I am glad you are not giving up and going to continue to try to reach your goals. I love running so that part is never hard for me (okay in freezing rain it is hard to get out). I have a horrible time with diet though. I know I need to do better but it is hard when you are constantly on the go. I try to make meals ahead that I can grab quickly to keep me from going to my favorite unhealthy foods.
    Jennifer Williams recently posted..Banana Oatmeal PancakesMy Profile

  28. It’s ok to have an off week, don’t give up. Just carry on and make next week better. I’m trying to lose a bit of weight myself, and the hardest part is my food. I have massive portions so i’m cutting them down, but I have a sweet tooth that I often find hard not to give into. 80% good and 20% bad is my motto
    Natasha Mairs recently posted..Serenity Saturday : 128My Profile

  29. It’s okay to splurge sometimes , just don’t over do it and NEVER feel guilty about it. If you’ve been working hard you deserve it and you’ll work it off anyways :)
    Sandra (at) Coasahmom (dot) com recently posted..Giveaway — Build a Dream Playhouses ends 4/6My Profile

  30. I am looking forward to getting healthy enough to work out again. I am not a happy person when I am not working out. Just think of dear old me who can’t work out and want’s to. I have been slacking in fact I been cheating a bit on what I am not suppose to be eating even while I’m not able to work out. I should be doing more smoothies as when I was doing smoothies in the morning I was much more healthier
    amanda ripsam recently posted..Follwers needed/wanted. Please follow my blog.My Profile

  31. I don’t see it is cheating, I call it life. We can’t deprive ourselves. A little sweet is okay every now and then.
    Amber Nelson recently posted..5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was PregnantMy Profile

  32. Seems like were in a similar situation. I too become very discouraged and want to give up. I cheated on my diet last week and went from 152 to 157. I am going to get back on it next Monday though and get back to the gym. Being sick lately, has prevented me from my gym trips that I just recently started.
    lawna recently posted..Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap GiveawayMy Profile

  33. what is your screen name on MFP I’ll follow and we can help each other.
    becca recently posted..KeVita #ReviewMy Profile

  34. The thing is, life is no fun without cheating. The fact that you recognize it and and are working to eat healthier in general means you are on the right track!
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted..The Skinny HouseMy Profile