Getting Over the Ick Factor

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox.

As I sit here and stare at my son, I can’t help but think of the incredibly clichéd saying about how kids grow up so fast…and at the same time, how incredibly true it is.  My little boy is three and a half, and I’m still wondering where the time went.  He’s growing up so fast, and I’m loving watching every minute of it.  He is my favorite little boy in the whole world and I can’t imagine my life without him.  Wish I could say that was always the case.

I’m not sure I’ve ever shared this on the blog before, but let’s rewind a bit and go back to when I was pregnant with him in the summer of 2010.  By the time I got pregnant I already had a 10-year-old daughter.  It had been a really long time since I cared for a baby, and I couldn’t help but think back to when my daughter was little and how much I enjoyed dressing her up, fixing her hair, and doing all things girly.  I was in heaven.  I couldn’t wait to do it all over again.

Ball Pit Fun

So, imagine my surprise when I found out I was having a boy!  I was terrified!  There was no way I could care for a boy…right?!?!  I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to relate, that I wouldn’t know what to do, and that I’d fail miserably at being a “boy mom”.  Looking at my boy now I think, what the heck was I thinking?!?!  Being the mom of a boy is awesome!

Well, if I’m being honest, the only thing I’d trade with my boy is the “ick factor”.  My daughter never got dirty, and always looked picture perfect at any given moment.  Being the mom of a boy is waaaaay different.  Boogers are talked about daily at my house and he has no qualms about picking them out and proudly handing them off to me – for him, it’s one of his greatest accomplishments of the day!  Between the boogers, the messy playroom, the dirty knees, and the general mealtime messes, I can probably tell you a different icky story every day of the week!  It’s all part of being the mom of a boy, and I’m totally over the ick factor.

Clorox ICK

I’m sure every parent (and probably not just parents of boys) have their own icky stories to tell.  Clorox wants to hear all about ‘em!

Clorox Ick Awards

On Wednesday, April 9 from 6-10 p.m. ET,  Clorox is teaming up with famed Chicago improv troupe The Second City Communications for the Clorox Ick Awards on Twitter. The #ickies promise to be the messiest virtual awards show ever, so join in on the conversation, submit your nominations, and help pick the award winners by voting for your favorites and win big as they give out $2,500 in prizes.

Do you have a hilariously icky moment you want to nominate in advance? Share it on Twitter using the hashtag #ickies and “tune in” to the first hour to see if it is featured in the opening number with a surprise celebrity guest!

Be sure to follow @Clorox on Twitter and visit Clorox to sign up for their email newsletter to learn more about how Clorox can help you laugh through the mess.

What’s the ickiest thing your kid has done?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox.

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  1. port a potties are our ICK factor. my daughter must have wipes and hand sanitizer with her every time

  2. I also have “ick” happenings daily. I have two small boys. Loved your review! thanks!
    Kristen recently posted..Quinoa Breakfast CupsMy Profile

  3. Icky stuff adds spices in our life. There are many icky situations that happened to my life and I’m too shy to share them. ahaha. :)

  4. Ashley M says:

    We have one girl and I LOVE having girls. We’re talking about expanding our family and obviously I would be happy either way, but I’m hoping for a girl. :)

  5. I was so fortunate to have two girls so I haven’t really had to deal with much ick. I’ve had to deal with makeup, prom, dating, drama and tears. Ick doesn’t sound so bad :)
    april @ My Real Food Family recently posted..21 Non-Cooking Uses for Coconut OilMy Profile

  6. I can so relate! I was really hoping to have a girl but was blessed with a boy. Just yesterday out of nowhere came some icky stuff all over my chest. Don’t you just love how unexpected they are? Lol

  7. Haha, I’ve always wanted two boys. Ick factor and all!
    Jennifer B recently posted..National Raisin & Spice Bar Day | Raisin & Spice BarsMy Profile

  8. My boys have had so many icky moments! I’ll be writing about mine soon!
    Shell recently posted..What No One Ever Told Me About BloggingMy Profile

  9. Being a parent means having to deal with many icky stories. How cool that Clorox is asking us to share stories about them.
    Onica {MommyFactor} recently posted..Todd McFarlane Interview for New Rabbids Toy Line & Giveaway #vlog #TFNY #TFNY14My Profile

  10. Ick! Kids are definitely major ick magnets. I’m sorry for your shirt haha.
    Amber K recently posted..Mona’s Granola Review & No Bake Granola Bar RecipeMy Profile

  11. Haha I want both a boy & a girl eventually. I can deal with the ick since I work in healthcare, but to deal with it 24/7 must get tiring 😛
    Annie recently posted..The Color Run SF 2014My Profile

  12. My kids are grown but it might be that my husband did ickier things than my kids did, LOL. Also my dogs. I love Clorox and use it all the time. It does the job.
    Pam recently posted..Glossybox Giveaway!My Profile

  13. I have 3 boys and NO GIRLS! I have too many ICK stories! LOL. Boys are a whole different ball game!
    Keikilani recently posted..30 Was a Fabulous Year!My Profile

  14. Boys are different than girls, but we’ve got three boys and one girl. That means my daughter would have rather played with dirt and frogs than dolls and ribbons. *sigh* 😉

  15. My 5-year-old nephew is surprisingly clean for being a boy (probably because of so many female influences on him). Most of my big icks come from our pets!
    Chrysa recently posted..An Interview with Michelle Bernstein from the Macy’s Culinary CouncilMy Profile

  16. I have a 16 month old little boy and it’s messes, messes, messes all day long! There are so many “ick” moments, I don’t even bat an eye anymore.

  17. Oh, the ick stories I could tell! My kids were little beasts and sure made their fair share of messes!
    TheResa recently posted..American Girl Hot Air BalloonMy Profile

  18. I run a daycare so I get ick all the time. lol. It happens to every mom.
    Tess recently posted..Suave Moroccan InfusionMy Profile

  19. This was hilarious! Thanks for posting!
    Jessica (Savory Experiments) recently posted..Cardamom Lemon CakeMy Profile

  20. I’ve got two boys so I totally get the ick daily! LOL Hmm today it would have to be the chocolate ice cream he got everywhere :/
    Candy @ Candypolooza recently posted..My Two Army BratsMy Profile

  21. No kids here yet, but with a dog and a cat, Clorox sure has helped me clean up a lot of ick!
    Kristen from the road to domestication recently posted..Organizing Bathroom StorageMy Profile

  22. The ickiest thing would have to be something that happened today. My son is with my husband at the grandparents, and during naptime he decided he would play with his dirty diaper. He left nothing untouched. :-/
    Jaime recently posted..Friday Five – the Indy editionMy Profile

  23. HAAAAAA!!!! I love that picture! It captures being a mother so perfectly. I have 3 girls and have no idea what I would do if I had a boy! My girls are realllyyyyyyy messy/dirty, though. :)
    Tiffany recently posted..Baby Shower Games #EviteBabyTrends #paidMy Profile

  24. It’s been a while since my kids were little so I cannot recall. But I do know that Chlorox can clean anything
    Veronica recently posted..Inspiring Celebrity Encounter: Alexa HamptonMy Profile

  25. With twin boys my life is full of ick moments! But I think that I take it worse than most because everything makes me feel sick!
    Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel recently posted..Panettone WafflesMy Profile

  26. I have two boys and yes lots of ice moments. I was the exact opposite of you and being that I was a tomboy I would have had no idea what to do with a girl! Luckily I have to beautiful boys.
    Jennifer Williams recently posted..Chicken with Orange GlazeMy Profile

  27. I bet that party on Twitter is going to be a riot! I’ll have to mark the calendar to remember to check it out. (I’ll just have to make sure I’m not eating so the “ick” stories don’t make me sick!)
    Nicole Brady recently posted..Philanthropic Friday: Fight ToxinsMy Profile

  28. Being a mom means a lot of icky moments, like the time my son threw up all over me and our brand new couch.
    Tough Cookie Mommy recently posted..Spend Family Time Making A Wind Wheel! #HadaPirata #AdMy Profile

  29. It is crazy the difference between girls and boys, and boys are definitely far more “icky”. 😉 I am sure I have tons of stories, I’ll just have to pull them from the corners of my mind where I’ve hidden them to keep from being grossed out constantly. lol
    Alesha @ Full Time Mama recently posted..Easter Dinner is Covered with HoneyBaked Ham- #HoneyBakedEaster $50 g/c #Giveaway (20 winners!)My Profile

  30. I absolutely have ick stories I can think of! But at least there’s Clorox to clean the stains & get rid of odors.
    Mina Slater recently posted..Treat Your Skin Right With Reviva Labs Natural Skin Care – #cflbeautyblogger GiveawayMy Profile

    • That’s my feeling. It’s all fun and games till the ick gets serious. Then I pull out the big guns. (Clorox)

  31. I have my share of ick stories, just like every mother. I will swear by the effectiveness of Clorox every time – even for grass stains. Thanks for informing me about the Clorox Ick Awards on Twitter!
    Janel C. recently posted..Easy Homemade Laundry DetergentMy Profile

  32. One of the many ick factors performed by my son was during an Easter gathering he was in the little kiddie pool and he chose that moment to pull off diaper and poop in pool. Lets just say he got the pool to himself after that.
    becca recently posted..The Winner is…My Profile

  33. Awww…as a mom of a son, I sure have my share of ick stories. My favorite was the time he got bubblegum in his eyebrows and eyelashes as the movie theater.. lol!
    Dawn Lopez recently posted..Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Smoked Paprika RecipeMy Profile

  34. I’m sure it was something poop related!!! Poor thing, that’s a good ick stain!
    Christie recently posted..My Publix Trip 4-4My Profile

  35. I agree, little girls are so much more clean than boys. I have three sons, so I have definitely experienced a lot of “ick”moments.
    lawna recently posted..A “Moustastic” Etsy Event – SuperSexyNailArtMy Profile

  36. My two year old son has mastered using me as a kleenex to wipe off his mouth or nose without even using his hands. Good stuff!!

  37. I have more Ick! moments than I can count! One of the grossest was when my oldest daughter was 11, she was in the 3rd row of our Suburban and she got carsick, but just as she got sick, she leaned over the middle seat and puked all over her 9 year old sister who was sleeping! We were on a road trip and my husband wasn’t with me, but she puked everywhere!!! Oh how I wish I would have had some Clorox with me on that trip!
    Lisa Joy Thompson recently posted..Restaurant Coupon Roundup {3/28/2014}My Profile

  38. I have so many icky stories- from both kids. One that comes to mind is on a vacation, when they both got the stomach virus and spent the whole time- and the car ride back- sick.
    Pam recently posted..Spring Flower Cupcakes Ideas #RecipeMy Profile

  39. My daughter is 6 was on seizure meds when she was younger she smeared poop every where on the walls n her crib you name it. Clorox was our hero and saved the walls and helped with the messy clean up
    Amanda RIpsam recently posted..Bellas Dental appointment. 3/31/2014My Profile

  40. My biggest ick story is my daughter who used to poop in her diaper then get into it and smear it anywhere. She was fast too. I remember when she did it at daycare in her crib. They were less than thrilled.
    Erica recently posted..Mommy Cards, Blogger Business Cards and More! ePrintFast Business Cards #ReviewMy Profile

  41. Haha that picture is hilarious! I have two girls but they are super messy little girls! My oldest pooped all over me when she was just a few days old!
    Amy @ Marvelous Mommy recently posted..{$50 HoneyBaked Ham Giveaway} Entertaining on Easter? Here’s 5 Tips for an Egg-cellent Easter Celebration!My Profile

  42. There’s been so many ick moments with my daughter, mostly involving throwing up and other icky things. She also tends to still put everything in her mouth, even if it has dropped on the dirty floor!
    Karen recently posted..Happy Hour At HomeMy Profile

  43. I’m also the mom of a 3 1/2 year old boy (and a 3 month old boy too), so I know all about icky. The grossiest thing so far was probably when my oldest threw up while sitting on the toilet — allowing it to go all over the him and the bathroom!
    Kecia recently posted..Become a Toxin Freedom Fighter for a Safer Environment #FightToxinsMy Profile

  44. That’s too funny; having a baby provides many “icky” moments, but also many wonderful memories! I too had a little “spitter-upper” and I’m so glad those days are over!

  45. Oh Blah!! That is totally ick! I do remember those days though. I still have some ick days, even though I am older.
    Terry recently posted..Before And After Window Treatment ~ I Despise Vertical BlindsMy Profile

  46. I think you take the cake for Ick! I don’t have kids yet but am getting myself prepared for lots of icky moments.
    Tracey recently posted..Govenor General’s Performing Arts Awards Gala Cocktail Reception @ the NACMy Profile

  47. tee mccluskey says:

    Now that was for Ick! I have those moments ALL THE TIME!

  48. Haha, I have a 6 year old boy so there is a lot of ick!!! The grossest was probably when he was sick and I was hugging and holding him and he just pulled his back and threw up on me – for like a minute. I didn’t want to put him down because he was so miserable, ha!

  49. My twin girls think they are boys when it comes to messiness. I need an ICK tattoo at this point!
    Kate, aka guavalicious recently posted..How to Build a Dino TerrariumMy Profile

  50. I am an Ick-a-phobic so I don’t “allow” a lot of messes. One thing my daughter has done… a couple of times… is poop in the bathtub! GROSS!

  51. I’m sure every parent has a few ICK moments to share. The messy stuff doesn’t bother me so much but cleaning it up sure wore me out.
    Demetra recently posted..Scandal Thursday Cocktail – Olitz SmashMy Profile

  52. I have two boys and two girls. When the boys turn to teens, they are actually less icky than girls and spend way more time in the bathroom grooming (Kim)
    gingermommy recently posted..Changing things up with ChefButler- Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  53. I had two girls before my baby boy. They never smelled, or got dirty, but my boy is just gross even at 21 months!
    Amy Desrosiers recently posted..Enter to Win a Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair on Instagram! #PishPoshFlairMy Profile

  54. Red has learned how to say “Gross! Yucky!” And regularly applies that to situations. Booger, Potties, Veggies…
    Lindsey @ Redhead Baby Mama recently posted..ATL Event: Meet Roush Fenway Driver Chris BuescherMy Profile

  55. My son is slowly learning to be ICKY. He steals ice cubes from the dogs and puts them in his mouth. That’s pretty gross.
    krystal recently posted..Host an Easter Dinner: Create a DIY Taco Bar with Kraft Fresh Take #FreshTake #shopMy Profile

  56. Too funny! Yes, I have two boys and also have a little niece. There can be a lot of ‘ick’ when it comes to little boys. But they’re so precious anyway!!

  57. I have two boys, so I TOTALLY get the ick factor and I got over it about a week into having my first when he peed on me. ALL over me. Ick.
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted..My Running PlaylistMy Profile