Spring has Sprung – It’s Time to Play!

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having a serious case of cabin fever lately. The twins are now four months old, and I feel like we never get out of the house. In fact, the only times the babies get out of the house is for church, or for a doctor’s appointment. Sad, right? Well, with the change in the weather, it’s about time we start to change that.


Last week, for the very first time, I took the twins out for something other than a doctor’s appointment. We went to the ZOO! And we had a great time too. We only stayed to see a few exhibits, and the outing was anything BUT stress-free, but it was still fun.


Some helpful tips for the next time you bring infants to the zoo:

  • Bring their bibs. Better yet – have a checklist of everything you need to bring. Somehow I forgot their bibs, hand sanitizer, thin blankets, and a few other items. I totally should’ve made a list.
  • Keep the sunscreen out of your baby’s eyes. Not proud of this one, but it happened. I think she must’ve rubbed her face while the sunscreen was still wet, and rubbed her eye at the same time. We got LOTS of stares during her scream-fest. Be real careful about this one.
  • Related – Keep babies out of direct sunlight. Another one of the things I forgot was sunhats, and the car seat covers I had were made out of thick material. It was TOUGH to keep them out of the sun. According to Dr. Dyan Hes, mom and medical director of Gramercy Pediatrics, babies younger than 6 months, like mine, should be kept out of direct sunlight. You can protect your baby from sun exposure by dressing him or her in protective clothing, a hat with a brim and sunglasses.
  • Don’t visit the zoo alone with infant twins. I had my mom with me, and there’s no way I would have survived the day without her.

Overall, though, it was a really good trip. Seeing some animals with the family, and being able to bring the twins was awesome. And the warm, sunny day sure didn’t hurt either.


Although I’m loving the fact that the weather is getting nicer, I am aware that the spring season brings more allergens to the air and rising temperatures can trigger skin irritations for little ones. Keeping this in mind, it’s important that we seek out products that are gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. My kids are no stranger to this either. They’ve had sensitive skin since birth, and I’m afraid the change in seasons might further irritate their skin. Couple that with our recent zoo trip where I forgot their bibs and they got super-dirty. All my fault, of course. But regardless, parenthood and babyhood is messy. But those messy and imperfect moments are often the most memorable and thanks to Dreft, we, as parents, can embrace the mess of #Amazinghood. Because, let’s face it- parenthood is pretty amazing.

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Thankfully, we do use Dreft* for all our baby laundry. Did you know that Dreft is the #1 baby laundry detergent choice of pediatricians and the #1 dermatologist recommended brand for baby clothes? Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Cleaning our babies’ clothes with a gentle, hypoallergenic product, like Dreft, is one of the ways we help keep them comfortable, and their clothes clean, during the spring season.


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  1. We love to go to the park!

  2. Susan Christy says:

    Going to the zoo and the park.

  3. Kaitlin says:

    We love going to the pool, zoo, and park!

  4. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    My favorite Spring activity is going to the park and having a picnic. We also love to go swimming at the local swimming pool.

  5. Dina Lindquist says:

    I love gardening!

  6. We love to go camping

  7. James Robert says:

    We like gardening and going to the parks

  8. Marcia Goss says:

    We like to play on the playground at the park.

  9. Lee Mckeon says:

    We love to hike and bike the local trails!

  10. Evans B says:

    Gardening and beach for us.

  11. georgie c says:

    To the park and then the picnic area,.

  12. amy pugmire says:

    I love to go to the zoo!

  13. tammy shelton says:

    We love to go camping.

  14. Lisa Brown says:

    following on twitter as @lulu_brown24

  15. Lisa Brown says:

    We like to go to the nearby park with the dogs to run around, play and have a good time.

  16. lupita morales says:

    I love to take my kids to the zoo.

  17. Starla B says:

    This is so awesome. My favorite thing to do with my littles is definitely going to the park and play grounds and having our own picnics!

  18. Maria Beas says:

    I love taking my kids to the nearest park and have some fun playing some games such as lotteria, hide and seek and frisbee. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway.


  20. Taking my kids to the pool

  21. Maria C. says:

    We all love having fun on the beach & swimming at the pool

  22. Barbara Montag says:

    When spring time comes we can’t wait to go on nature walks.
    thank you

  23. Courtnie Miller says:

    We enjoy going to the zoo.

  24. V. Hill says:

    Walls in the warm sun.

  25. My kids love getting the garden ready with me in the spring.

  26. Tempestt says:

    I love to take them to the park and have picnics.

  27. Paula Caudill says:

    We Love to plant flowers and go to the park to play! :)

  28. Tabathia B says:

    We enjoy going to the park

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    We love going to the park!

  30. Karen Nadeau says:

    I like to go for a ride on the four wheeler.

  31. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    We start getting the garden ready and flower beds

  32. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Our favorite Spring activity is going to the zoo and botanical gardens.

  33. natasha lamoreux says:

    I love getting the kids outdoors to the local park or hiking.

  34. Jessica says:

    I love taking my daughters to the zoo in the spring time.

  35. Evie B. says:

    We like to ride bikes.

  36. Leidy Ruiz says:

    One of my kids favorite activities is to go to the park, thanks for the chance to win!

  37. Em Mahr says:

    We love playing in the swimming pool

  38. kelly tupick says:

    We love to go for a nice hike and explore.

  39. We love to go to the zoo

  40. My family loves to fly kites, go for hikes, fish, pick berries, have a picnic, play with chalk, pretty much BE outside after a cooled up winter!

  41. Allison Swain says:

    We like gardening.

    Thanks for the chance to win

  42. janetfaye says:

    We like to go to the park and swing/play ball

  43. Bridgett Wilbur says:

    I love to take the little ones in the spring to the local play ground.

  44. Biking in the park

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    I love to take my daughter to the zoo in the springtime!

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    my boys love the park and boardwalk

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    We love going camping….one year we got to camp at the zoo! so fun!

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    We like to go to the park.

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    Oh we love to go up to the park by our home and swing!

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    We all love to go to the park in the spring.

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    my favorite activity to do in the spring with the kids is going on walks or to the park!

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    we like to go for bike rides.

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    we love to go to the pool!!!

  54. Jennifer marie says:

    I love going on bike rides as a family.

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    I enjoy taking my grandkids on picnics, bike rides and nature walks.

  56. We love hanging out outside – playing with chalk or kicking the soccer ball around.

  57. Melissa Cunningham says:

    We enjoy heading to the park, coloring on the sidewalk and going out to Menchies for yogurt!

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    We like to take strolls.

  59. We love going to the park.

  60. My favorite spring time activity is going to the Boston Public Gardens and enjoying the scenery.

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    I like to take my kids to the Zoo

  62. Kelly D says:

    My kids and I like to go on nature walks.

  63. We love going to the park to play.

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    We love to spend lots of time outdoors going on walks or to the playground!

  65. carol clark says:

    we go biking and play ball

  66. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    My Favorite Springtime Activity Is Kite Flying!

  67. Kim Henrichs says:

    Just getting outside and going for a good walk in the fresh air is such a good feeling!

  68. we love going to the pool and the playground!

  69. Cheryl B says:

    We love to go to the parks and play on the equipment.

  70. HS kraftmaking says:

    We love gardening and biking.

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    We like to go to the park and play.

  72. We like to go on picnics.

  73. Jessica To says:

    Our favorite spring time activity is playing corn hole.

  74. Jessica Beard says:

    My favorite spring time activity is taking my kids on bike/stroller rides!

  75. I love to go berry picking at the local farms, and also see the baby animals!

  76. Stephanie Phelps says:

    We love to go and walk around the lake and feed the ducks in the summer!

  77. Ellie Wright says:

    We have lots of Little League games, so my favorite is watching my little guys play baseball.

  78. Sarah Hayes says:

    we love to play in the water

  79. Alan Saxon says:

    We love to go boating on the lake.

  80. Nataly Carbonell says:

    I love to have a picnic at the park with my kids.

  81. we like biking

  82. Betsy Barnes says:

    When my son was little, we loved going to our local park. It has a playground area called the Tot Lot. It was his favorite place to play! :)

  83. courtney b says:

    we like to go swimming and to go to the water parks!

  84. Karen Glatt says:

    Our favorite Spring activity is to get out in the garden and tend to our plants and help them grow.

  85. barbecues!

  86. Janet W. says:

    My favorite spring time activity is blowing bubbles outside on the driveway with my grandsons!