Butterflies are a’Fluttering

A couple of weeks ago, I let you guys know about a management change happening at my company.  Missed it?  You can read it HERE.

Well, now my outlook on the situation has completely changed.

Today, I was approached by two senior-level executives asking ME to apply for the open position!


Seriously, you think that I should go for it?  Little ‘ol me?

Apparently so.  As a matter of fact, both executives expressed their desire to personally put in a call for me.

OMG…I am so flattered!  Of course, peeps, I applied!!!  Completely nervous, and shaking as I hit “send”, but I did it.  I have openly expressed my desire for the position.

I have the skills and I have the experience, so why not?

(Still with my positive thinking hat on…)  I figure that the worst that can happen is I’m denied for the position, but I’ll at least learn what my weaknesses are and can improve on them for consideration for future openings.  Either way, I’m extremely excited about the prospect (I do love my job, after all) and hope things go my way.

So, friends, please put in a word with the man upstairs for me…and it wouldn’t hurt to keep your fingers and toes crossed too!  I’ll keep you posted!!!

Making the Most of a Management Change

Last week, my boss and department director, resigned.  When she first told me the news, I was elated…for her.  She has decided that she wants to be a stay-at-home mom and raise her kids.  Honestly, I’m thrilled for her.  If I had the same opportunity, I’d do the same – in a heartbeat.  I know how important it is to be a constant figure in your children’s lives (not that working moms aren’t constant – we’re just on a limited schedule).

So, personally, I’m excited for her.  But, professionally, I’m not quite sure how I feel just yet.  I know that her resignation could potentially open up new doors for me and I could possibly pick up a “Fast Pass” on the corporate ladder but, unfortunately, for the time being, that part is still uncertain.

Temporarily, I am to report to another director, in another region.  A director I have never met and one who does not know me personally.  I know I have this outstanding opportunity to reach out to her and prove what I can do…but I was already on that plan with my current director.  The one who will be leaving in a few weeks.

She has known me, and worked closely with me for years.  Now, my relationship with my new boss will be conducted over the phone and through emails…not the ideal situation for a growing relationship.  My professional goals have always revolved around career advancement, and I hope I still get to do that under the new regime. 

I hope to stand out, continue to work my tail off, and develop new professional relationships with my new counterparts and hope for the best.  The scariest part of this whole situation is simply the uncertainty.  I kind of knew where I stood before and suddenly seem to be teetering.

But – the only constant to life is change, right?  So, instead of worrying about the negatives that ‘could’ be associated with this management change, I have decided to embrace it and completely view this change as a professional opportunity – one that I’d be foolish to reject.

So, say a little prayer for me, will ya?  And hope that the coming weeks prove to be just the kick in the pants I needed to up my professional game a bit.  I’m also curious to know if any of my readers have experienced a similar situation.  Feel free to comment and share your story.

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