Taking Care of Twins: Sick Just Got Real™

As many of you know (and some of you might not), I recently had TWINS, which is so awesome. They are everything I have never known that I always wanted. Pure perfection. They are boy/girl fraternal twins that are literally different in every way. Different, but still perfect.

What is not so perfect, is the crying. One crying is fine, but when they both get going – find the ear plugs because it gets LOUD. That’s one thing I’m still learning how to navigate with these twins, caring for them at the same time when they’re distressed. I can only be one one physical space at a time so, more often than not, the one crying the loudest will likely be taken care of first. It’s tough being the quiet one.

That being said, I can’t even imagine what life is going to look like when they both get sick at the same time. Crying that can’t be controlled by soothing, feeding, or changing is rough with just one baby – I can’t even imagine with two! Do they have nannies that just come in when a kid is sick? If so, I totally want to hire one of those! HA!

As unrealistic as a “Sick Nanny” may be, do you ever find yourself wishing for the impossible when handling sick kids? I saw this video and thought it was dead on! #AMomCanDream, right?

Obviously, we just want our kids to be healthy, but it would be nice to have that wine on tap, wouldn’t it?

So far, I just have one sick kid in the house so I can confidently say that Sick Just Got Real™! I had to visit the ER with my son today, only to find out that he has croup and there is nothing that doctors can do about it. It IS contagious though, so I might find out just how real sick can get with TWO sick babies real soon!

To help you out when you can say Sick Just Got Real™, I’m giving away a $25 Visa gift card, provided by the good folks over at Pfizer.

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Good luck!!!

Disclosure: The video and gift card have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Share the Love with a Kleenex Share Pack

Chicago weather is crazy…for real.  Last week (remember, we’re in December folks!) we averaged in the mid-30’s, but for the last few days the temps have reached 60 degrees!  And later this week we’ll be right where we should be somewhere in the mid-30’s – I just knew our springtime weather wasn’t going to last.

Chicago’s December 2nd Temperature!

Talk about unpredictable, right!  I love my town and all, but when the temperature hovers at below zero for a few weeks, I always question why I’m not living closer to the equator.  But after our ups and downs over the last week I realized that our winter weather fluctuations present the perfect conditions for none other than…the common cold.

Sneezing, congestion, runny nose, and an all-around feeling of icky-ness makes you just want to crawl under the covers and not resurface till it’s over.  I know that’s how I feel at least.  All I need is for someone to bring me my homemade Sopa de Pollo (Chicken Soup) – mom does it best, of course – and a full box of Kleenex and I’m all good.  Luckily I’ve got my husband to take care of me as best as he can, but did you know that you could also send a Kleenex Share Pack to someone you know who’s feeling a bit under the weather?

Each time you buy a specially marked bundle or box of Kleenex Brand tissue you get another code to share more care!  Enter that code on the Kleenex website and send a Kleenex Share Pack to someone you know.  Because, I mean, even if they’re not feeling the sniffles right now doesn’t mean they won’t get sick at some point this winter, right?  It’s definitely a nice way to let someone you care about know that you’re thinking of them…and I love that!

To learn more about how the Send a Share Pack to someone special, visit the Kleenex website.  You can also send a Care Pack that includes a lip balm, 1 oz. hand sanitizer, coupon booklet, Kleenex® Brand Share Pack, Kleenex® Brand Slim Pack, and card redeemable to download four songs from up and coming Universal Music Artists.

Disclosure: This post is compensated and in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Kleenex.  However, all thoughts and stories shared here are 100% my own.

Mommy Guilt Strikes Again: Hard

Yesterday I was angry.  Really angry.  I’m not much of a morning person on any day, but yesterday proved to be more of a challenge than usual.  Crazy mom yelling at 6:30am = bad day for everyone.

It started off with library books.  Something as simple and non-trivial as stupid library books.  According to my daughter’s account, she had a total of 5 books that were due.  So, of course, I asked for them to take them back after work.  She slowly walks out of her room with ONE.  WTF…ONE?  Where were the other four?

She told me earlier in the week that she lent one to one of her friends, who promised to return the book on time.  Already, I was upset with that one.  Then…slowly…she reveals that her friend had two.  Then three.  I was furious!

How irresponsible can you be? If she doesn’t take them back, guess who pays the late charges.  Yeah, me.

And let’s not forget the fact that loaning out library books that aren’t yours is the least of her issues.  Irresponsibility spreads further than the library.  She never cleans up her stuff left in the kitchen or family room without someone having to tell her more than once.  Never cleans her room. Takes my things (sweaters, jewelry, makeup) without asking…

Again, all of this adds up to one angry momma at 6:30 in the morning!

Then, after I’d already left for work, I get a call saying that she feels sick.


It seems like she’s sick every week.  Always – her stomach hurts, her throat hurts, something.  And it usually amounts to nothing. I was thisclose to making her go to school.  The only reason I didn’t was because if she did end up going to the nurse, the school won’t let her walk home alone. Someone (i.e. me) would have to pick her up. I work an hour away from home so that just wouldn’t do. So, she stayed home.

Here’s where the mommy guilt creeps in.

I take her temp when I get home from work and…103.8.

This time she really was sick.  And I feel like crap.

Feeling like crap for giving her a hard time.  Feeling like crap because I didn’t believe her.  Feeling like crap for not checking her before I left.

Just an all-around craptastic day.

So I tell myself – next time I will believe her.  Next time I’ll try to be more understanding.  Next time I will try to hold my tongue before flying off the handle.

All things I will do the next time around.

So as I sit at home today, administering meds every four hours and making sure she’s ok, I will try to not let this guilt consume me and know that next time I’ll be different. Better.

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