Winter Getaway: Wisconsin Dells’ Wilderness Resort


If you’re anything like me, you’re already missing the warm weather and dreaming about your next escape.  While we haven’t had any heavy snowfall…yet…in the Chicago area, the chilly temperatures already have me getting a little stir-crazy and thinking about where I want to go next.  At the moment, that dream contains water, bathing suits, and family fun.  It’s a recurring dream, really, and I can’t wait to get away.  But with the holidays literally around the corner, I know I don’t want to stray too far from my home base.  I need a destination within driving distance – and a vacation that won’t break the bank!

Wilderness Lodge_Exterior

Located in Wisconsin Dells, approximately 200 miles from Chicago (about a 3-hour drive), the Wilderness Resort, offers everything I am looking for – and then some!  From multiple waterparks and restaurants, to an arcade and laser tag, this hotel has it all – it’s like an entire city located on one property.  I promise, you will never find yourself with nothing to do.  In fact, you never even have to leave the resort!

Wilderness Lodge_Territory

A few months ago, my family had the pleasure of staying at the Wilderness Resort and I can already tell you that we are eager to return.  My four-year-old (who is not one for rides or fast movements, by the way) had an absolute blast at the resort’s many water parks.  The Wild WaterDome, for instance, was one of our faves.  A 70,000-square-foot indoor waterpark that features a see-though-roof (very cool to catch some of the sun’s rays even when it was too cold to swim outside) that bathes the entire park in natural light and actually allows guests to tan all year long! The Great Wave, also known as America’s largest indoor wave pool, was probably where we spent most of our time.  Just seeing my son’s huge smile whenever the wave hit him was probably worth the trip for me.


Wilderness Lodge_Wave Pool

There are also plenty of life vests at the First Aid Station that kept the “Helicopter Mom” in me happy.

Wilderness Lodge_Life Vests

The other water parks at the resort offer plenty to do for the whole family – from lazy rivers to fast-paced slides – but we loved the Bonanza Bluff at Klondike Kavern best.  Wilderness also offers 4 outdoor waterparks during the summer months, but we visited off-season so we didn’t get to experience those.  Just another reason for us to return!

Wilderness Lodge_Klondike Kavern

Wilderness Lodge_Klondike Kavern2

Family-friendly amenities don’t stop at the waterparks either.  The Wilderness Resort offers so many things to do – there’s never a dull moment here!  Their indoor amenities are fantastic!  You can ride go-karts indoors, play laser tag, complete a sky ropes course, ride bumper boats, try your hand at mini golf, or spend hours playing games at the arcade.

Wilderness Lodge_Go Karts

Our room, while located a bit far from all the water park amenities, was another hit with my family.  For one, it was HUGE.  There was a separate seating area (with a sink and counter) from the bedroom that really came in handy when my son was ready for bed.  My husband was still able to catch up with all the sports channels, causing minimal noise, allowing my little one to fall asleep quickly.

Wilderness Lodge_Room

Wilderness Lodge_Seating Area

I also have to give a HUGE shout-out to one of Wilderness Resort’s employees at Tommyknockers Lounge – Madison.  We had the most positive interaction with her, and my four-year-old was immediately smitten.  She was so sweet to my son, and I would definitely like to publicly thank her (and tell her that we still use her name when we want to get him to do something.) Thanks, Madison!

Wilderness Lodge_Madison

Overall, our stay at the Wilderness Resort was really great.  My family loves the year-round fun that the resort allows – and kids adore the many water parks this hotel offers.  I urge you to check out this resort if you’re in town – you won’t be disappointed!  Better yet, if you’re looking for a spot to ring in the New Year, Wilderness could be just what you’re looking for.  Wilderness Resort is offering a guest-exclusive New Year’s Eve Party that will provide some serious fun with music, dancing, party favors, laser lights two ballrooms with DJs playing popular hits! There will even be a midnight balloon drop in one of the ballrooms. The cost for this fun event is $12 in advance ($15 at the door) for adults 21 and over (includes two drink tickets. IDs are required). It is $7 in advance ($8 at the door) for kids ages 3-20 (and this fee includes punch).  A great price for what looks to be a super-fun event!

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Wisconsin Dells, WI: Downtown Dells

If you’ve ever been to the Dells you know all about the allure of the Downtown Dells area.  While I’ll be the first to admit that the area has changed dramatically over the years, the Downtown Dells are still worth a visit.

Downtown Wisconsin Dells

The Downtown Dells, largely located on Broadway, between Wisconsin Dells Parkway and Church Street, spans approximately 8 blocks and is best experienced on foot.  There are a lot of unique attractions here, and walking the entire strip should only take about an hour or two (depending on how many stops you make along the way.)

Some helpful hints before you go:

  • If you have small kids, make sure to bring a stroller.  Even if your child doesn’t normally ride in a stroller, if they fit in one, you should bring it.
  • Parking is not free.  There is a large lot located off of La Crosse Street and street parking available all along Broadway.  The lot on La Crosse Street uses a kiosk that accepts credit cards, but the street meters on Broadway only accept coins.

The Downtown Dells has many shops and attractions that appeal to folks of all ages.  For one, you can discover some weird exhibits at the Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum.  You have to admit, seeing a car “parked” on the side of a building is pretty cool.

Ripleys Car

We stopped by for a few photos, but thought my toddler was too young to view the exhibits inside.

Ripleys Photos

As we walked, I kept commenting on how many Old Time Portrait shops there were.  When I was a kid, I can only remember one – and that’s where everyone wanted to go.  Now, it seemed like every block had at least one.  I’ve taken photos at one of these shops in the past and they’re pretty neat.  You can dress up as a 20’s flapper, a pirate, a mobster, or even a baseball player from the 1800’s.  Definitely a fun experience.

Downtown Dells Old Time Portraits

There are also a bunch of souvenir shops selling everything from t-shirts and flip-flops to magnets and key chains, but, by far, my favorite shop is the Goody Goody Gum Drop shop.

Dells Goody Goody Gum Drop

I mean, it’s candy & ice cream – can’t go wrong there!  On our last trip, my son fell in love with Monstaz, a toy they sold in the shop.  It’s a round stuffed animal that makes a silly noise (sounds like gibberish) when you press the heart on the chest.  My son cracked up every time and we couldn’t leave without one of the Monstaz.

Dells Monstaz

More attractions on the Downtown Dells strip include a 4D Special FX Theater, Wizard Quest (an interactive gaming experience where you aim to free the wizards) and Wild Fun Zone, a huge arcade with laser tag and indoor mini golf.  I thought the alien was adorable.

Dells Alien

You can also book boat tours here, and even purchase tickets for the Lost Voyage, a scary, after-dark boat tour.  Um, no thanks.  I’m a bit of a chicken.  I’ll stick to the daylight tours, thank you.

Dells Boat Tours

I love that there’s always so much to do in the Downtown Wisconsin Dells area, but I was saddened to see the many vacant shops.  Since the economic downturn, so many small shops have been forced to close their doors, and I was sad to see some of my favorites go.  Hopefully we’ll have some new shops and attractions to visit in the years to come!

Downtown Dells Vacancies

What’s your favorite place to visit in the Downtown Dells area?

Wisconsin Dells, WI: Tommy Bartlett Show

Tommy Bartlett Show

The Tommy Bartlett show, dubbed “The Greatest Show on H2O” is a classic Dells attraction that is currently in its 61st year of production.  Adults, kids, and teens will have a great time at this 90-minute timeless show on both stage and water.  The show has been a family favorite for generations – and images of the the water-ski team have been an iconic representation of the Dells for years.  The performance takes place on the waters of Lake Delton and is an exciting mix of extreme water-skiing, masterful boat maneuvers, light-hearted comedy and dare-devil stunt artists, all packed into one show!

Tommy Bartlett Entrance

We headed out to see the show on a beautiful sunny day in Wisconsin.  The toddler had just gone down for a short nap in the stroller (he only missed the beginning of the show) and we took the short walk through the woods to get to the arena.  There are a few opportunities (like this oversized chair) for photo ops, so try to get to the show a little early.

Tommy Bartlett Chair

I’ve been to see the Tommy Bartlett Show many times and never tire of it.  Each time, they seem to add new stunts and tricks so you never see the same show twice.  You will always have the water-ski team’s tricks…

Tommy Bartlett Water Ski Team

But this year, an all-new water stunt was added to the show…the FlyBoard!

Tomme Bartlett FlyBoard

I’ve only seen a FlyBoard once, on the Travel Channel, no less, and it was fascinating to see one in action.  This guy did flips and tricks, all while hovering in the air.  I’d love to try that one day!

Another draw for the Tommy Bartlett Show is the comedic acts and smaller, stage-show acts.  Aqua the Clown is always hilarious and the motorcycle act is one of my favorites.  Usually only seen in circus shows, motorcycle racing inside a tall steel globe is thrilling…and I’m always afraid they’re going to crash.  Very dangerous!

Tommy Bartlett Motorcycle Racing

The show also features an intermission, where you are free to grab some snacks and some of the performers step out into the audience for photos…have those cameras ready!

Overall, my family loves watching a Tommy Bartlett Show and, undoubtedly, we’ll be back.  My toddler loved the clown, the teens enjoyed the water stunts and my husband and I (and my mom) were just mesmerized by it all.  I highly recommend a trip to the Dells to check it out!  General admission tickets (tax not included) are $21 for adults, $16.80 for seniors and $11 for children ages 6 to 11, however, if you stay at the Kalahari Resort this year, your tickets for the show are completely free!

Wisconsin Dells, WI: Original Wisconsin Ducks

The Original Wisconsin Ducks tours have been taking visitors for a ride for almost 70 years, and they really are pretty unique.  Originally used to transport soldiers during WWII, these amphibious “ducks” take riders on a tour of Wisconsin’s Lake Delton, scenic wilderness, and through the Wisconsin River’s Lower Dells.  The tour takes about an hour and we were pretty lucky since we stayed at the Kalahari Resort and the Original Wisconsin Ducks actually pick you up right outside (no need to drive to the Downtown Dells area!).

Original Wisconsin Ducks

The tour starts off on land and takes you over some hills – my toddler was a little scared of the roller coaster-style drops.  But, amazingly, he fell asleep in my lap almost as soon as the boat hit the water.  Our guide told some pretty cheesy jokes throughout the tour, but she knew a lot about the area and it was nice to learn a little Wisconsin Dells history (albeit in the middle of a corny punch line).

The rock formations along the Wisconsin River were really gorgeous.  The boat travels slowly through the water and the scenery was very peaceful.

Original Wisconsin Ducks Tour

We learned on the tour, however, to not sit in the last two rows of the boat.  The tour makes a quick drop into the water and the last two rows got pretty wet.

Original Wisconsin Ducks Scenery

Towards the end of the tour is an awkward moment where the boat (well, it was on land at this point) stops in the middle of a wooded area to hand out booklets that give a bit more history and information about the duck tour.  (At the time, there were 4 other duck boats stopped in the same area – I thought that this was the time where we’d all get cut up, Halloween-style.  Seriously, it was pretty creepy.)  She then went on to say how she purchased the books herself and was asking for a $5 donation to help her with college tuition to keep the books.  (Mind you, the regular price of the tour is already $25 per person.)  I felt bad for her and would’ve purchased the book if I carried cash on me, but it was more than uncomfortable to have to hand her back the book at the end of the tour after listening to her story.

Awkwardness aside, the picturesque tour was really nice, and my whole family enjoyed the ride…well, all except the two-year-old who slept through most of it.

If you’re planning to take the Original Wisconsin Ducks tour, I’d look online for coupons and specials before I shelled out the $25 per person to ride the ducks.

Have you taken the ducks tour?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Wisconsin Dells, WI: Buffalo Phil’s Pizza and Grille

Even though I’ve been visiting the Wisconsin Dells since I was a kid, there are still many places I haven’t been to.  The colossal building where Buffalo Phil’s Pizza and Grille was one of those places.  Seriously, there’s no way you could miss this humongous restaurant.  An added bonus for us was that Buffalo Phil’s advertised “Train Delivered Food” and when you have a toddler that’s obsessed with Thomas the Train and Chuggington, this is perfect!

Buffalo Phil's Pizza and Grille

**I’m going to stop right here and apologize in advance for this not-so-nice review.  Normally, venues get most things right, but sometimes a negative review is warranted.  Sadly, this is the case for Buffalo Phil’s.  But please keep in mind that this was just my experience and shouldn’t necessarily be applied to Buffalo Phil’s 100% of the time.**

That being said, I’ll start at the top.  When we arrived at Buffalo Phil’s the large parking lot was probably only about a quarter full.  We were starving and thought that this would be a quick in-and-out experience.  As we walked towards the entrance, though, we noticed a few families waiting outside so we knew that there would be a bit of a wait.  We were told 20-30 minutes.  Ok, we could handle that.  We sat outside for a bit, then went back in to take a look around.

Buffalo Phil's Train Track

We realized that what Buffalo Phil’s doesn’t tell you is that, out of their huge, multi-room restaurant, only one room offered the train-dining experience.  No worries, though, we would wait.

While we waited, we had the opportunity to explore the rest of the restaurant and we took some nice pictures.

Buffalo Phil's Hat

He looks thrilled to have this hat on, doesn’t he?

Buffalo Phil's Ride

The ride was out of order, but he didn’t mind pretending.

About 45 minutes later, our table was ready.

When we walked into the train-dining room, we saw about 3 large tables right by the main train track.  We, however, were taken to the back corner for our table.  I wasn’t too happy about this and asked to be moved to the empty table right in front of the only television screen that was playing Thomas the Train episodes.  The table had 6 chairs – exactly the right size for our party.  After speaking to the manager, our hostess moved us to that table.  Honestly, I don’t know why we weren’t offered that table to begin with.

Our drinks and Buffalo Phil’s hats for the kids were delivered by train first – my son loved this!

Buffalo Phil's Train Delivered Drinks

Our food took a little longer to arrive and it tasted ok.  However, we quickly noticed that one of our meals was missing.  My mom’s food didn’t arrive with ours.  At first we thought that they went back to get it, but after waiting five minutes trying to track down our waitress we realized that it was forgotten.  This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.  To make a long story short, my mom’s food finally arrived just as the rest of us were finishing up.  Clearly, the order wasn’t put in.  The waitress dropped it off with a quick apology and tried to scurry off.  This was not ok with me.  After calling for the manager, we were not charged for the meal and were given a pass to ride the train at the adjoining Knuckleheads Arcade located at the back of the building.

My husband and I ordered and split the whole rotisserie chicken that came with coleslaw, cornbread and four additional sides. I didn’t eat too much of it though because the chicken was really dry and I wasn’t too crazy about the seasoning.  There were no complaints from the toddler, however, on his grilled cheese sandwich.  It was yummy!

Buffalo Phil's Grilled Cheese

Overall, based on this experience, I don’t think we’ll return to Buffalo Phil’s.  Their train-delivered food concept is so popular, though, that I hope they decide to extend this experience throughout their restaurant.  As it was, the train room was completely packed while the rest of the restaurant was completely empty.

Again, this was just our experience.  Have you been to Buffalo Phil’s and had a better dining experience?  I’d love to hear it!

Wisconsin Dells, WI: Timbavati Wildlife Park

Kids of all ages love seeing animals in action and interacting with wildlife whenever possible.  On our recent road trip to Wisconsin Dells, WI we visited the (still under construction) Timbavati Wildlife Park.  Timbavati is being built on the site of a former water park, and some of the old water slide staircases/platforms are still existing.  There is still a lot of work that needs to be done here.  At the time we visited, Phase II (of 3) recently opened, and the exhibits at the entrance were nowhere near being done.  But, that being said, Timbavati Wildlife Park was still a lot of fun, for the things that we actually could do anyway.

Timbavati Wildlife Park

Our Experience:  Upon entering the park, I was surprised at the amount of construction going on.  The construction work extended to all areas of the park too, not just near the front entrance.  However, there were some animals on display right at the entrance (mostly birds).  I can’t exactly tell you what was in them, though, because most did not have any signs on the habitats to let you know what was in them (and some that were there were incorrect).  So far, this was not looking like a good experience…

Timbavati Under Construction

Construction, construction, and more construction!

We walked a bit more and were able to see lots of lions, tigers, cheetahs, and other cats.  My husband, for one, was really surprised that the viewing posts were only a few feet from the exhibits!  Of course, the habitats were completely fenced in, but still!  Talk about a close encounter!

Timbavati Bengal Tiger

Isn’t this tiger beautiful?  (And, yes, I was that close.)

Timbavati Wildlife Park Tiger

From there, our day progressively got better.

We got to watch a pig race…

Timbavati Pig Race

And pet some animals…

Timbavati Petting Animals

And see some other cool creatures – like the biggest rodent I have ever seen.

Timbavati Capybara

There was also a really large enclosure with some ostrich and zebras.

Timbavati Zebras

It’s also pretty cool that the Timbavati train ride uses the old attraction’s (Old Fort Dells) Engine #9 original train.  We even saw animals approaching the train so riders could feed them.  Very cool!

Timbavati Old Fort Dells Engine #9

But our absolute favorite part of our visit was the giraffe feeding.  Actually, my favorite pictures from our whole trip are from this exhibit. And Oh. My. Word.  My toddler couldn’t get enough!  He had no fear either…I think his entire hand was in a giraffe’s mouth at some point!  The. Best. Ever.

Timbavati Giraffe Feeding

Now that’s the stuff family vacations are made of!

Timbavati Family Vacation

Overall:  We did have a really good time at Timbavati Wildlife Park, although I wouldn’t block out a whole day for it.  One day, when the park is 100% complete, I’m sure it will be awesome.  Looks like there’ll be a cool water exhibit right at the entrance so I’ll be great for photo ops.  At Timbavati, you can also ride the go carts, take a ride on a camel, and even have your picture taken with a baby tiger or other baby animals!

So tell me, would you visit Timbavati Wildlife Park?

Travel: Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, WI

With so many accommodation options to pick from in Wisconsin Dells, it can be a daunting task for a family to choose where to stay when visiting this popular tourist destination.  From resorts and hotels to camping and RV parks, the possibilities are endless!  For our recent road trip to the Dells, the whole family (plus one) was along for the adventure – me, my husband, our two kids, my mom, and my daughter’s friend (the friend was a strategic decision on our part to ensure there’d be no complaining about having to do all the “baby stuff” with my toddler from my teenage daughter – best decision I could’ve made!).  We needed a place that could accommodate our group and that offered amenities that appealed to all of us.

After careful consideration, we decided on the Kalahari Resort!  We chose to stay at the Kalahari because of the many amenities they offer: an indoor and outdoor waterpark, an indoor theme park, bowling, a movie theater, free passes to some popular attractions, and so much more!  So, while the room rate was high, the addition of the amenities and attraction passes made the Kalahari a more reasonable choice for my family.


Our room was exactly what we needed.  We had a two-bedroom suite with a living room, small table to eat at, a mini fridge, and a microwave.  Absolutely perfect for a family our size.  The teens were able to hang out in the living room while the toddler was asleep and we had room to eat breakfast and lunch in our room (a big money saver for us).


I wasn’t too crazy about the noise coming from the outdoor waterpark when we arrived, but the noise level wasn’t an issue once the waterpark closed for the night (usually at sun-down).  It was nice, though, that our room was tucked away at the far corner of the waterpark so we weren’t directly on top of the noise either.


We visited the waterparks twice on our visit and loved them!  The Kalahari offers plenty of thrill rides for the teens and multiple toddler areas/activity pools for my little guy.  No one was bored at the Kalahari, I assure you.  I was afraid of my camera getting wet inside the water park areas, but these images from the Kalahari website should sum it up for you: tons to do for kids of all ages!

Kalahari Waterpark

My daughter and her friend went bowling and spent extra time at the waterparks, while my son enjoyed climbing and sliding at Kalahari Kids Club, a large indoor playground area.

Kalahari Kids Club

Little ones will love the Kalahari Kids Club indoor playground!

The one damper on our hotel stay, however, was the fact that the resort (Safari Snacks, specifically) ran out of cheese curds while we were there!  I mean, how does a resort that size run out of one of Wisconsin’s specialties?!?!  My husband wasn’t too pleased since he had been looking forward to trying one after the Travel Channel ran a show about the Dells.  Next time, Kalahari!

Overall (cheese curd incident aside), we couldn’t have asked for a better lodging experience on this trip to the Dells.  We ALL had a great time and look forward to visiting the Kalahari again!

Wisconsin Dells: Fun for the Whole Family

If you live in the Midwest (especially in Illinois), a trip to Wisconsin Dells is a rite of passage.  It’s a great budget-friendly trip that’s close to home, and a ton of fun.  I’ve been visiting the Dells since I was a kid and, although much has changed, the family bonding and memorable experiences shared remain the same.


This time around we took a little road trip to the Dells with the whole family – my husband and I, our two kids, my mom, and my daughter’s friend (the friend was a strategic decision on our part to ensure there’d be no complaining about having to do all the “baby stuff” with my toddler from my teenage daughter – best decision I could’ve made!).

With the trip only being 3 and a half hours from the Chicago area, we only had to make one stop on the way – and of course couldn’t miss the photo op at the Illinois/Wisconsin border!

Wisconsin Welcome Sign


There are so many places to stay at the Dells from hotels and motels to camping sites and RV parks.  This time around we decided to stay at the Kalahari Resort!  We choose to stay at the Kalahari because of the many amenities they offer: an indoor and outdoor waterpark, an indoor theme park, bowling, a movie theater, free passes to some popular attractions, and so much more!  I needed to keep my spouse, parent, toddler, and teen all entertained and Kalahari delivered on that big time!  But I’ve also stayed at the Wilderness Resort, Great Wolf Lodge, Mount Olympus Resort, Paradise Motel, and Blackhawk Motel, and many others – all still really great options.  A lot of times we choose a place to stay based on seasonal promotions, so be sure to check what “freebies” you get before booking. Kalahari Resort Dells


For Toddlers:

A visit to a pool is a must (Wisconsin Dells is the waterpark capital of the world, after all), but it doesn’t have to be a huge waterpark.  A smaller hotel pool with a nice toddler area is sufficient.  But you don’t have to spend all your time poolside during your trip.  For animal-lovers, take the kids to Wisconsin Deer Park where you can feed over 100 tame, free-roaming deer and see some other animals.  Or, you can visit the newer attraction, Timbavati Wildlife Park.  The park is still partly under construction, but offers unique viewing opportunities and the chance to feed some of the animals too.

Circus World

Photo courtesy of Circus World

Toddlers would also enjoy Circus World, a circus museum located in Baraboo, WI, where the original Ringling Brothers Circus was founded.  Visitors can watch a circus with acrobats, animal performances, and clowns, or stroll through and see restored old circus wagons.  There’s so much more to do at Circus World!

Knuckleheads Bowling & Indoor Amusement Park would also be great fun for toddlers with rides, bowling and arcade games.  There are also inflatables for kids to bounce around in – my toddler loves those!

For Teens:

For the more adventurous teen, the waterpark slides are the perfect way to get an adrenaline rush and have a great time.  The large waterparks like Noah’s Ark (America’s largest) and Mt. Olympus offer the perfect mix of waterslides and wave pools for hours of entertainment.  Go Karts are another fun way for teens to spend their time at the Dells.  With numerous Go Kart facilities like ADare Go Carts, Big Chief Go Karts and the Mt. Olympus theme park, even teens without a driver’s license can enjoy driving on fun adventure tracks.

Vertical Illusions Zip Line Tour

Photo courtesy of Vertical Illusions

If your teen is really, really adventurous, you can try the Wilderness Canyon Zip Line Canopy Tour at the Wilderness Resort.  The tour takes you through 5 zip lines that soar over a canyon – a thrill-seeker’s paradise.  Vertical Illusions is also a great option with zip line adventures, kayak tours and rock climbing tours.

For the Whole Family:

The whole family would enjoy one of the many scenic boat tours held throughout the Dells.  The Original Ducks tour takes riders through both scenic land and river locations on a “duck”, a boat that can ride on both land and water.  Originally used during WWII to transport soldiers, the Original Ducks now takes tourists through some beautiful landscapes of Wisconsin – the amazing rock formations are breathtaking.  You can also try the Dells Army Duck Tours, very similar to the Original Ducks, but with a military feel.

Tommy Bartlett Ski Team

Photo courtesy of Tommy Bartlett

Another must-see during a trip to the Dells is the Tommy Bartlett Show.  Adults, kids, and teens will have a good time at this 90-minute timeless show on both stage and water.  The show, currently in its 61st year at the Dells, has been a family favorite for generations – and images of the the water-ski team have been an iconic representation of the Dells for years.


The Wisconsin Dells offers a variety of dining options to satisfy any palate. Kids will love themed restaurants like Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty, an all-you-can-eat buffet, and Buffalo Phil’s Pizza & Grille, where your meals are delivered by trains.

Monk's cheesecurds

Photo courtesy of Monk’s Bar & Grill

Meat-lovers will love the steak options at the Dells like House of Embers or Kaminski Brothers Chop House.  But if you’re visiting the Dells for the first time, you can’t leave without trying some cheese curds at Monk’s Bar & Grill – they are fantastic!  Similar to a mozzarella stick, cheese curds are made with Wisconsin white cheddar and are lightly battered and fried to a golden brown…SO GOOD!

A vacation at the Wisconsin Dells is guaranteed to be fun for the whole family with so many options on things to do and see (& EAT!).  It’s impossible to do it all in one visit.  One trip to the Dells will only result in one question…”When do we go back?!?!”.

Join Me for a Twitter Party 12/1 with #Kalahari Resorts

Being from the Chicago area, it’s almost impossible to hear from someone that has not visited the Wisconsin Dells.  I’ve been vacationing in the Dells almost all my life and continue to visit almost every year.  By far, one of my absolute favorite places to stay in the Dells is the Kalahari Resort.


The Kalahari Resort in the Dells has Wisconsin’s Largest Waterpark and includes fun and exciting rides and features for both tiny tots and older kids.  I mean, look at this place!  Who wouldn’t want to spend some time at this massive waterpark?!?!


Their indoor waterpark recently installed a state-of-the-art Kids Play Zone named Tiko’s Watering Hole. Catered specifically for your tiny tots, this 5,000-square-foot, interactive play area features activities, slides and a 200-foot-long lazy river made just for them.  We can’t wait to see what this looks like because I’m sure my 2-year-old will be thrilled!

Aside from the waterpark, one of my family’s favorite features at the Kalahari is their Indoor Theme Park.  Their Indoor Theme Park has over 100,000 square feet of family fun with a ton of indoor attractions and activities. With everything from arcade games, to go-karts and mini-golf, to a giant ferris wheel, the Kalahari Indoor Theme Park is a great way to spend a cold, winter day in the Midwest!

Join me for a Twitter Party tomorrow, Saturday, December 1st at 12:30pm CST to see how you can #WIN a stay at the Kalahari Resort at the Wisconsin Dells!  During the party, we’ll be chatting all about the Kalahari Resort and we’ll also give away** a 1-night stay in Hut or Desert Style Room and Complimentary Indoor Theme Park Passes. Be sure to join us by following @KalahariResorts on Twitter and use the hashtag #Kalahari during the party so you don’t miss out on any of the details.

If you’re planning a stay at the Kalahari, use this registration link to receive a room discount on a Hut or Desert-style room.

**Twitter Party Giveaway Terms: NOT VALID: Friday and Saturdays. Blackout dates include November 21-22, 2012, December 21-January 5, 2013, January 20, 2013, February 17, 2013, March 17-31, 2013, April 1-4, 2013, May 26, 2013, June 23 – August 18, 2013, September 1, 2013, and October 13, 2013. Please call (877) 525-2427 for availability. No cash value expires 1 year from date of issue.
Disclosure: I will receive a complimentary stay at the Kalahari Resort at Wisconsin Dells for my participation with Kalahari blogger outreach.  However, as always, all stories are completely my own.
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